Supporting Local Restaurants Amidst COVID-19

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In light of current news – especially in how it affects the restaurant industry, we have compiled a list of some of our Regency Homebuilders Family favorites that are offering new take out and delivery options. *Scroll to bottom for list.


Amidst the concern, craziness and uncertainty, one thing that we remain certain of is the need to support small, local businesses.



While Regency Homebuilders is the largest homebuilder in the Greater Memphis Area, we are, nonetheless, a small business. As our employees, customers, and vendors continue to depend on us we will weather the storm as best that we can. We are practicing social distancing, limiting nonessential access to our office and taking extra precautions; thoroughly cleaning before and after every appointment in both our Design Studio and Model Homes.

We feel extremely fortunate to have our jobs and the ability to continue our work through this time; especially as a small, family-oriented, business. As we reflect on our blessings, we also keep in mind other local businesses who do not have the option to continue business as usual.

During times like these, it is our responsibility to support our restaurant industry, to help them stay afloat, to ensure their employees are able to keep their jobs and get paid.

For many of us, eating out is an almost daily occurrence. This is daily income, tips, and job security that is no longer a constant for our friends in the restaurant industry.


Regency Homebuilders would like to invite everyone to take the number of meals that they typically eat out every week – and continue to do so through take out, delivery, and pre-made meal options that are being offered through local restaurants.


This not only helps local businesses in need, but also benefits you by giving you one less thing to worry about. With schools and daycares closing, groceries becoming scarce and many of us beginning to work from home; our daily responsibilities and “to-dos” have multiplied – and we all know cooking a meal for your family is not always a small task. Help our local businesses by letting them help you.


While there are countless businesses to support, we’ve included a list of some of the Regency Homebuilders Family favorites that are offering new take-home and delivery options that we know would love your support.

The SkyBox Gastropub (2140 W Poplar Ave, Ste 101, Collierville): SkyBox remains open and is now offering a new “Grab N Go” and “Take N Bake” menu that features frozen take-home meals including pizzas, pastas, and more.


Wolf River Brisket (9947 Wolf River Blvd., Suite 101): Both locations in Germantown and Olive Branch (6542 Goodman Road, Suite 117) will now be open from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. They are also offering curbside pick-ups and have partnered with DoorDash for deliveries.


El Mero Taco (8100 Macon Station, Cordova): El Mero Taco has closed its dining room. To-go orders and curbside pickup are still available.  The food truck is still in operation.


Restaurant Iris, The Second Line and Fino’s (Midtown Memphis): This restaurant family has made the decision to temporarily close all three dining rooms. Deliveries and pickups will be their sole focus for now. Check each restaurant’s website for online ordering and new menu items.


Jim’s Place (3660 S Houston Levee Rd., Suite 112, Collierville): Offering to-go and curbside pickup options between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday – Friday


Let it Fly (9091 Poplar Ave, Suite 101, Germantown): Will be open from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Also offering curbside pickup as well as offering family meals for $39.99 to feed four to five people.


Southern Social, Coastal Fish Company, Flight and Porch and Parlor: All restaurants of this family are now offering curbside pick-up services. Southern Social, Flight, and Porch and Parlor are also offering delivery services.


One & Only BBQ (Memphis, Southaven, Germantown): One & Only BBQ is now offering delivery from their locations in Memphis, Southaven, and Germantown. Orders will be delivered in a 10-mile radius for a fee of $5. All four locations offering curbside pickup.


Ronnie Grisanti’s (6150 Poplar Ave., East Memphis): Ronnie Grisanti’s is offering a free order of pasta for the kids with a purchase of an adult entree.


Staks Pancake Kitchen (Two locations: 4615 Poplar Ave. and 7704 Poplar Ave., Germantown): Staks is now offering curbside pickup as well as expanded its to-go menu. New items include casseroles, soups, sandwiches, quiches, salads and more.

Regency Rebrand: Diamond’s Aren’t Forever

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In 2007, Regency Homebuilders opened its doors and has since become the largest homebuilder in the MidSouth Area.

For over 12 years, we have been committed to building houses of quality and integrity that will provide a home for your family. At Regency, it is our core belief that what is built today will supply us for the future.

Over time change is necessary, but some things never change; like the care and respect that we have for each customer and for every home we have the pleasure of working on. The work that we do is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Three Decades 

While Regency is approaching its 13th birthday, it has seen the ebbs and flows of three different decades. Naturally, our company has grown and evolved since our founding in 2007 – a lot has changed in the time it’s taken to get to 2020. We have grown in size, culture, and into the communities where we build.

We are a name that the MidSouth knows and trusts, a company that is recognizable and known for our quality and service.

Building homes isn’t just business to us: it’s personal for all involved.

The foundation that we lay and the walls we build aren’t just part of your house, they become a part of your family. At Regency, we strive to help you provide a foundation to build a family and walls to hang generations of memories. The true job of a Regency Home begins when we hand over the keys to the new homeowners; the moment that our house becomes your home.

When we think of what Regency does and of our brand, what comes to mind is the trust that our customers put in us and our commitment to provide them with a home they will love.

Welcome to Our House

Recognized as a Top Memphis Workplace by the Commercial Appeal in both 2018 and 2019, Regency prides itself on its culture.

“At Regency we aren’t an ID number, we aren’t a title – we are individuals who give Regency our all every day. The men and women hired here are not at random, they are intentionally selected for who they are as individuals and for the ways they can contribute to the growth and posterity of Regency.”

Our owners, Jere Bowden and Sean Carlson, believe in the people they hire and trust them with the growth of Regency Homebuilders as a company. Our employees and their dedication to all that Regency does is Regency Homebuilders. Our employees are the ones building the company that builds your homes.

The trust, respect, and responsibility given to our employees brings us to a single sticky note:

When we decided to rebrand, we wanted our new logo to represent Regency from the inside out. What started as an employee’s sticky note doodle representing the Regency “R” as a house, now represents our company’s identity.

It’s a symbol that represents our dedication to building quality homes throughout the MidSouth and the trust that families in the Greater Memphis Area place in everyone at Regency Homebuilders.

Our rebrand reflects the reliable structure provided by Regency Homebuilders that will never change, along with the growth and expansion we have had as a company over the past 12 years.

Welcome to our house – wherever you see it, you know you’re home.


Regency Homebuilders – Top Memphis Workplace 2019

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Regency Homebuilders Recognized as a Top Memphis Workplace by the Commercial Appeal 2019

Scenes from the 2019 Commercial Appeal Top Workplaces celebration breakfast held Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, at the Memphis Hilton. RYAN TOLBERT / FOR COMMERCIALAPPEAL.COM


“Regency Homebuilders was founded on the belief that what is built today will supply us for the future.”

While this statement was originally written in reference to Regency’s quality homebuilding, over the past decade it’s become evident that it also applies to our company’s culture. At Regency Homebuilders, the priority is to treat employees as anyone would want to be treated.

At Regency we aren’t an ID number, we aren’t a title – we are individuals who give Regency our all every day. The men and women hired here are not at random, they are intentionally selected for who they are as individuals and for the ways they can contribute to the growth and posterity of Regency.

Regency’s culture revolves around the fact that everyone’s perspective is valued and needed, regardless of how long they have been with the company or what their role is.

It would be easy to could go on and on about the benefits and perks offered to us, but what we value the most is that Regency genuinely cares. They care about their employees and our families’ well-being first, always. They are dedicated to us in the same way we are dedicated to our homeowners. They want us to be happy, safe, and cared for; and a day doesn’t go by when we’re not reminded of that.

Being chosen as a Top Workplace among Memphis-area small businesses isn’t just an award to us, it is a reflection that even when asked anonymously – people love working here. It is humbling to know that where we work isn’t just special in our eyes and that the Commercial Appeal recognizes the love and care that Regency Homebuilders provides us with.

Regency hires good people to do good work and believes that the environment they provide us with should be a positive one, a happy one, an empowering one. We could not be more ecstatic, more honored, to know that we work for employers who have been so successful in cultivating such an environment.

We want to thank our owners Sean and Jere today, and every day, for making Regency Homebuilders the company, the “work home,” that it is.

Choosing the Right Design for Your New Construction Home

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Choosing the Right Design for Your New Construction Home

Choosing to build your house from scratch means having the opportunity to create the home of your dreams and the chance to create something totally unique to you and your lifestyle. With that tremendous benefit, however, comes the added burden of myriad different details and decisions. Chief among them is the design of your new construction home. The considerations are nearly endless, and the process can begin to feel overwhelming before you’ve even started. To help lighten the load, we’ve scoured the internet in search of design experts and asked them to contribute their best tips for choosing the right design for your new construction home. Whether you’re in Houston or Newport, read on to discover design insights from the best of the best!

Lauren Cripe, Moss Design: An often overlooked area when designing homes is the connection to the outdoors and backyard space.

Whether it’s an addition or a remodel, we like to think of the project as more of a convergence, a fusion of the yard space and the principle structure versus just an add-on. Many additions are often constructed without taking into account the complete vision for the house and its site as a whole. In our approach, we want to think of the entire property and its interior space as a comprehensive, cohesive project, utilizing the space so as to merge, flow, and connect with all the combined elements.

We focus on connecting the house to its available yard, often updating and installing floor-to-ceiling windows permitting the optimum amount of natural light to the interior and direct access to the backyard space for a better connection to nature and ease of access so it becomes more usable space.

Heidi Denney, Home Designing Services: Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, many people believe they need an architect to turn their vision into reality. In Connecticut (and many states), a Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) is qualified to meet your needs often at a lower price.

Steven Perce, bldg.collective: Creating a home begins with tapping into ideas and memories collected over a lifetime and we urge clients to go beyond the simplest resources for inspiration and influence. Inspiration can come from anywhere- travel, childhood experiences, books or artwork. Try to remember that this is your home and a unique, well-designed home can inspire not only yourself but the community around it as well.

Juintow Lin, FoxLin Architects:

  • Meet with different architects. It’s important to like the portfolio of work by the architect but also make sure you like him/her. You will be spending a lot of time with your architect, so a good relationship is key.
  • Check the portfolio of the architects you are thinking about interviewing. Do all the projects look the same, or do they look like they adapt their style to the needs of their client?
  • Every good project has a good story or narrative. Try to think of the one thing that is most important to you, whether that be indoor/outdoor living, visibility from one space to another, sustainability etc.
  • In order to get the best design results, it helps to choose a few pictures of projects you like. These can be abstract concepts such as light/air/openness, to specific features like front doors or stairs.
  • Try to bring in the contractor during the design phase. Their experience is invaluable and it’s too late to make changes at the end of the design process. It’s recommended to show the design to some contractors at the end of Schematic Design or Design Development to get an opinion of probable cost.

Christine Boles, Beausoleil Architecte: As the climate crisis intensifies, we all need to do all we can to build sustainably and use clean electric power generated on-site. Look for good solar exposure especially towards the south and west. Additionally, did you know that most homes lose 7-10 times the ENTIRE volume of air in the house every hour through small leaks at windows, electrical outlets, etc.? Ask your architect about new construction methods for air sealing.

Cyndi Zaino, Hogan Architects + Development: Lighting is the most fundamental consideration when designing a custom home. Designing a building around solar orientation introduces many opportunities to utilize sunlight to create a vibrant and comfortable home.  Considerations such as the placing and sizing of windows or doors, and connecting interior and exterior spaces can fill a room with natural light that leads to positive health effects — it also has favorable thermal impacts on the building, helping reduce energy consumption.  For example, integrating landscaping elements such as a vine trellis or green wall provides dappled light as well as creates a thermal barrier to harsh sunlight.  Facade systems that are designed with solar orientation in mind can shield direct light and heat during certain parts of the day and provide soft, reflected light to fill a space.

Aric Gitomer, Aric Gitomer Architect: Are you looking to build a new home? Is this your first home? There is a big difference in someone creating their first home for their current
situation and whatever the future may hold such as a growing family, in-laws sharing your home, etc. versus a seasoned homeowner looking to downsize or upsize. Every future homeowner has a unique set of criteria to address in regard to their personal circumstances.

The key to a successful residential design is observation. Analyze your needs current and future and determine a hierarchy of must-haves, would be nice to haves, but not necessary. Once you have accomplished this epic task the communication with your architect is also essential to a successful outcome. The architect you select should be an excellent listener and interpreter as well as a negotiator between spouses at times. It is their job to create your vision by taking all the bits and pieces you feed them and realizing them into the design of your home.

Schwarz Lewis Design Group Inc.: Garage location and sun orientation are the two things that we look at first. Locating garages on the north or east side of the house will maximize light exposure and help create a sunlit healthy home.

Nikki Tubbs, Lead Designer, Regency HomebuildersTrends come and go (quickly these days!), so it is important to fill your space with selections you love. Choose colors and finishes that make you light up when you see them and keep it overall neutral with pops of your favorite colors and/or textures. Remember, your home should be uniquely you—and that alone will make it spectacular!

Michael McLychok, Principal, Director of Design, Tropical Architecture Group: Since we specialize in Tropical Architecture, the most important thing for new homeowners to know is that designing for humid tropical climates is very different than for dryer climates. Considerations in material selections that won’t mold, warp, peel off, or in general be high in maintenance are one of the first areas that make a difference in maintaining a tropical home and it’s longevity. Another consideration is designing for good airflow. The way in which the home is designed should be open to the tradewinds to help keep the home naturally cool as well as for that a pool, BBQ, and firepit are positioned properly. Roof structures and lengths of eaves can also keep the sun off your home so that you don’t have to constantly use air conditioning. Another typical mistake that people make is selecting appliances that aren’t serviced on their island.
What we encourage is for someone wanting to design a home in the tropics, to work with an architecture firm that knows what works and what doesn’t work for tropical climates.

Daniel Schmeling, Architect and President, Carbon Architects, LLC: Spend at least 30% of your time in the programming stage of design.  The more specific you can be about what you want/need (the problem you are asking your architect to solve), the more focused your architect can be during the design phase.  Programming is problem finding, design is problem solving.

Elizabeth Peterson, Ames-Peterson International Architecture & Interiors: Our philosophy has always centered around having our clients work closely with their architect and project management team from day one so clients feel included in every step of the design process. This means regular design review meetings discussing plans together so we can best translate our client’s fantasy into reality. Gone are the days of having one initial meeting with your architect and having your home mysteriously designed behind closed doors only to be underwhelmed with the result. This more efficient and collaborative design process empowers our clients while we guide them through the often complicated design and permitting process.

Joyce Owens, FAIA RIBA, Architecture Joyce Owens: When commissioning a custom home it is imperative to address the needs and budget of the client, the climate and the site. A good architect will specifically consider all of these issues, resulting in a project that is designed and tailored for the client and, more cost-effective, less hassle, and lower maintenance costs.

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You’re Invited! | Shaw’s Creek Grand Opening

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Join us at 25 Alloway Cove for our Shaw’s Creek Designer Model Grand Opening!  We will be having a delicious food truck, El Mero Taco, at the event plus enjoy some cool beverages while touring this beautiful new home!

Shaw’s Creek is located less than 15 minutes from Collierville with easy access to HWY 385.  We offer large, estate sized lots, surrounded by picturesque wooded areas.  Choose from 8 floor plans and customize it at the Design Studio to fit your lifestyle!  We can’t wait to build your dream home in Shaw’s Creek!

See you August 1, 2019!

Community Feature: Olive Branch

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Known for its big-city conveniences, while maintaining its small-town friendliness and charm, Olive Branch is a great place to live and raise a family! Residents can take pride in knowing that Olive Branch has been recognized as having the best public schools in the state of Mississippi and is a recipient of numerous Keep Mississippi Beautiful awards. In addition, the community has many great things to offer for entertainment!


Here’s a few of our favorites:

>Get local goodies at the Olive Branch Farmer’s Market June 1st-September 28th !

>Pick your own blueberries and blackberries at Cedar Hill Farm this Summer!

>Enjoy concerts nearby at the Landers Center and Southaven’s Snowden Grove Amphitheater!

>Spend your day enjoying the many golf courses and beautiful parks!

>Shop local stores on Old Towne Main Street or the Tanger Outlets!

>Enjoy a local beer at Mississippi Ale House or a sweet treat at Old Towne Bakery!

Find out where Regency Homebuilders can build your DREAM HOME in Olive Branch below!


Bradbury Plan — Featured at Stonecrest of Mississippi

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Tour our newest Designer Model home!  The Bradbury plan is exclusively offered in the gated community of Stonecrest of Mississippi!  This stunning model features soaring ceilings, a beautiful kitchen, spacious master suite, and plenty of room upstairs!  


4 bed  |  2.5 bath  |  2,682 sq ft



• Rear load garages throughout the neighborhood make for neat, picturesque front yards

• The master bathroom has easy access from closet to laundry room

• A covered outdoor living with fireplace creates the perfect space to hangout outside!

• The 2-story Great Room is WOWing with a corner fireplace and beautiful hanging light fixture



• Look over the balcony from the upstairs loft! High ceilings from the first floor make the upstairs feel huge!

• The media room is some much needed extra space, connected by the Rec Room


Join us for the Grand Opening of this Designer Model home on Saturday, June 1, 2019!  (Open daily) 

>>  5050 Stonecrest Drive, Olive Branch MS 38654


Check out all Stonecrest of Mississippi floorplans here:











Why Buy New?

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If you are in the market to find your new home, you may consider the differences and benefits of purchasing a new construction home v. an existing or previously-owned home.

Here are 5 reasons to consider buying new!


  1. Quality in Construction and Design


New homes today are built with state-of-the-art products, techniques, and materials that must meet the latest building codes enacted by states and localities. Regardless of your budget, your new home will typically include important safety features such as smoke detectors, ground-fault circuit breakers that reduce the risk of electrical shock, and lead-free paint. In addition, you will have assurance knowing that you have purchased a home with a new roof, furnace, air conditioning unit and more, which are all very costly to replace.



  1. Designed for You


At Regency Homebuilders we offer an array of floorplans, with plenty of additional structural and design options to spare! After selecting your floorplan, you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with our Design Consultants to choose your remaining selections that make your house perfect for you and your family’s needs and preferences, instead of settling for the taste of previous owners. Today’s families require homes with flexibility to meet their lifestyle, so you will have the option to create spaces that make sense for you instead of having wasted spaces or a lack or storage.


  1. Energy Efficiency


Houses today are constructed from the beginning with features such as energy-efficient windows and more insulation, in addition to having energy saving appliances that can monitor and cut back on gas or electricity usage.  New furnaces, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps are far more efficient than heating and air conditioning systems from the past, helping you to have lower monthly utility bills.


  1. Re-sell Value


If you decide to move, you’ll be selling a home that meets more recent construction and energy-efficient standards and that offers more modern design elements (such as an open floor plan, higher ceilings, and extensive storage), rather than seeking to sell a home that was dated even before you bought it.



  1. Lower Maintenance Costs


The median age of a resale home is thirty-seven years and homes that have been around that long typically cost 21 percent more to operate than a new home. The cost savings from owning an energy-efficient new home with all new systems, appliances, and construction materials that won’t require repairs or renovation for years can easily offset any additional purchase price of the home. In addition, your new home will give you a piece of mind, knowing that you will be covered under your one-year builder warranty.

Designer Model Home for Sale in Germantown, TN: Somerset Community!

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It’s all in the details in this professionally customized Designer Model Home!


Our Somerset Designer Model Home is for sale! This 5-bedroom, 4.5-bath home has over $142,000 in upgrades, making each space unique and breathtaking. Take a tour today at 7839 Sophie Lane– call 901.466.4040. For a video tour click HERE!


4,124 Square Feet
5 Bedrooms / 4.5 Bathrooms
2 Car Garage
$142,000+ in upgrades!



  • Chef ’s Kitchen equipped with stainless steel Jenn Air appliances, including a built-in refrigerator and custom-built sheetrock Ventahood
  • Custom built, designer cabinets with dovetail drawers, soft-close hardware, and 4.25-inch crown molding, with half inch overlay door styles.
  • Spa-like Master Retreat includes tile shower surround and floors, high-end Moen fixtures, seamless shower glass, and free-standing tub
  • Wet Bar in Media Room with sink
  • Custom built barn-doors
  • Wine Room with thin brick walls, wood shelving and iron doors
  • Office desk with granite countertop
  • Statement wooden Great Room beams
  • Outdoor living space with vaulted drywall ceiling
  • Integrated home wiring with advanced options such as centralized 4k HDTV distribution, surround sound streaming music throughout, and control of user systems via smartphone or tablet.
  • And MUCH more!!!

For more photos + info on this home:



Designer Tips from Waters of Hidden Springs Model Home

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We took a moment to chat with Regency Homebuilder’s in-house Designers, Cindy Carlson and Kristin Midgett, on their most recent project, the Designer Model Home of Waters of Hidden Springs in Oakland, TN. One can see that a great deal of care and consideration was used in planning and executing the fabulous and inspiring designs in each and every area of the house. One thing that was very important to the designers was accessibility, where “potential customers could walk in and feel as if they could move in tomorrow and feel right at home!”. They did this through choosing a mix of store-bought items, DIY pieces, and a combination of both, with repurposed and painted shelves in the “Game Room”.



Here’s a few design tips and insights from the pros!

What was the overall design theme of this home?

“We jokingly called our theme for this home casual awesome. We wanted to home to be casual and comfortable, yet beautiful and inviting. We wanted potential customers to walk in and feel as if they could move in tomorrow and feel right at home. We considered the neighborhood and families that might want to live there, and plan the rooms accordingly. We also planned with a budget in mind, choosing pieces that were affordable and classic. We didn’t do anything too trendy or an extreme style (farmhouse, modern, traditional, etc…)”

Where did you go for inspiration?

“We use all kinds of inspiration! We use Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, magazines, furniture catalogs and retailers. Once we find something that really catches our eye, we build the room around that. For example, we found a picture of a tent reading nook hanging from the ceiling in a picture on Instagram. We decided to do our own take on that and build a little girl’s room around this feature. We also found a fabric we loved at Premier Fabric, so we had euros made and found complementary bedding.”

What was your favorite feature or room in the home?

“Our favorite feature is the master barn doors, along with the master bath window treatment. We found pictures online and had the trim carpenter build the barn doors. We loved how the design of the doors was different from other standard designs we had used in the past.  The master bath window treatment was based off a photo from Pinterest, and we really were thrilled by how the two features flowed together and created a “wow” moment in the Master Retreat!”

What advice would you give to anyone looking to do a design overhaul in their home? Where should they start?

“We would advise going online or in magazines/catalogs and finding pictures that they love. When you have an idea of what you are wanting to do, and what you are looking for…shopping for all of the parts isn’t so overwhelming. We also keeps lots of pictures in our phones, organized by albums to keep each room/house straight, and a bag of fabric/bedding/pillows samples in our cars to use when shopping and making selections.”

What our your favorite local shops for furniture, antiques, etc?

“Warehouse 67, Sheffield’s Antique Mall, Something Special, Johnson’s Fabrics, Premier Fabrics, Homegoods, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Pier One…and many more!”

Can you share any DIY tricks that were used in this home design?

“Master bath window treatments: Our husbands had access to an old barn, and they literally went and cut the piece of wood off the barn and then cut it to our measurements. They were going to stain it, but it looked great with the barn doors as is! We ordered inexpensive tie-top panels from Wayfair and measured where we needed the hooks (which we got a Lowe’s.) Our builder installed the hooks and hung the board over the window. We tied the knots ,and it turned out beautifully!”

“For the shelves in the Game Room, we used shelves from an older model, but they weren’t the right color metal. So we removed the wood and spray painted them black to give the look of iron.”

Check out this beautiful Designer Model Home at 20 Chestnut Ridge Drive (For GPS – 12579 Hwy 194)!




More information at