5 Things Homeowners Need After Move-In

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: May 12, 2017

You’ve done it! You’ve closed on your new Regency home, you’ve spent time moving in and now it’s the morning after. Well, before you unpack all of your labeled boxes, consider these tips on what you need after you move-in.

1. Window Treatments

We all love good lighting in our home but sometimes privacy takes priority. After moving into your new home, consider which windows you want to add drapes or shades to, if any. Drapes can really bring a room together in design while also providing shade for the room. Shades are pretty conventional and a safe bet for any home and are also “in” no matter the season.

 2. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning in your new home is a necessity. You may have areas in your new home that you did not once have and that’s going to require more responsibility. Carpet cleaning services may be an advantage that you want to consider. If your home has more hardwood flooring now then you’ll also need additional floor cleaning options for that.

3. Furniture

Choosing a Regency home is, in many cases, an upgrade. Because of that, every room will be spacious and customizable by you. New and appropriate furniture is something that makes your home even more tailored. No you don’t have to have your home fully furnished before you move in but as you grow into your new space, you can always add pieces that speak to your personalty.

4. Extra Home Keys

At some point we all have needed a spare key for something; whether it be our car, our gym locker or a personal lockbox. Making an extra set of keys for your home will be beneficial within the first couple of weeks after moving in. You may be swamped with many other new home responsibilities, but you’ll want to get this done before you get into a situation where you need them!

5. Lighting Accessories

Sometimes lighting is the last thing people think about until they’re trying to read a book in dim light. With that being said, another thing you should do after you move in is get replacement wattage and bulb style for every lighting fixture in your home.

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