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Marty and Darlene- Rolling Meadows

The Johnson Family- Fountain Brook


The Walker Family- Oaklawn Estates

Sandy helped me achieve my dream. Last year I was living in the Carrington in a one bedroom apartment paying $876.00 a month and rate was due to increase to $930.00 per month. I knew it was time for a change. I always wanted own a home but was always nervous and scared about it. I met Sandy  Thomas @ her office and she was great. She took me all around in her personal car and showed me Regency properties all over. She helped me get an excellent rate and loan that I didn't even know existed and her loan guy Terry Fiveash was phenomenal!!!!! I got my home with 0 down!!! 2700 total sq ft with standard hardwood, gigantic walk through showers, granite counter tops etc etc for a fixed rate and $1000 a month is unbelievable!!!! Everybody that's visits loves my home. As a matter of fact the first time my childhood friend and his fiancé visited they went straight to the office and signed to build right behind me!!! Even after my home was built and I was moved in Sandy personally came by and bought me a bag with goodies and a gift card to Lowes and did the same for my friend as well. Meeting Sandy was truly a blessing and I thank God for her!!! If you are buying a Regency home then use SANDY THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN SANDY FOR HELPING ME ACHIEVE MY DREAMS!!!!!!!! ;););););)


Oaklawn Estates


John- Oaklawn Estates

Three years was our walk with you and you were a blessing every step of the way.  Every day you make friends from strangers simply by fullfilling their dreams.  We won't ever say "Thank You" enough for helping us with ours.  God gave you and Regency Homes to us to learn about joy.  We love you and our beautiful Regency Home and we will continue to show you that we do.  Thank you for being a member of our family: for being more than a real estate agent.  The only thing we needed to complete our family was our very own Regency Home.

Curtis, Rasheda, and Tamarah Pettis

Windsor Park


Curtis, Rasheda, and Tamarah Pettis




The moment I walked through the Regency model home doors and met Sandy, I knew our partnership would be fruitful. I didn't really have a clue as to what I wanted at that time. I knew I liked the layout and finishes of the homes that were shown to me and the time frame that I wanted to get things done. My house pretty much was a Godsend and picked me. I was able to watch it from the bare bones to its finished product. Sandy was very instrumental in keeping me abreast of its progress. She prayed with me and offered assistance wherever she could. She put me in contact with my financier at Wells Fargo each of whom were phenomenal.  Closing day was such a breeze that it almost didn't seem real. To Sandy's credit, she is reliable, sure footed, and warm. I would recommend her efforts to anyone looking for a great real estate agent. Thanks Sandy for helping to make my dreams of becoming a homeowner that much sweeter.
Shayla Grant

Shayla Grant


My experience with Regency Homebuilders was great and exciting. Everything was done in a very timely and professional manner. Ms. Sandy Thomas was an excellent representative for me and I would be honored to recommend her to future homebuyers.


Cedrick Smith,

Oaklawn Estates

Cedrick Smith- Oaklawn Estates


 I am so excited about my new home. I met Sandy after talking to a close friend about the houses being built in Windsor Park. One day I decided to take a ride to see the property. I was so impressed with The Madison, I could hardly contain myself. Sandy suggested that I apply for a loan and gave me the paperwork. I was looking to purchase a home in about a year, but the neighborhood was perfect-small, quiet, with wonderful neighbors. But I was a bit unsure about filling out the paperwork for a home loan at that time.

After visiting Sandy two more days, almost in a row, I decided to send my application in. I was totally "floored" when my application was approved. Then my request for a lot that wasn't even for sale was approved.

During the same time, I injured my knee and found that I had to have surgery but through it all Sandy stuck with me.  Sandy, Regency, and John D. worked with me as I fought through two surgeries, building a home, and moving. On the first of March, my dream came true. I closed on the home that I loved from the first day I saw it. I realize God's hand was in all of this, but I also realize that many times God works through people here on earth. He placed Sandy in my life at the right time to fulfill His blessing for me.  This has truly been a wonderful experience for me and I praise this team all over town. A wonderful experience only requires a wonderful team to work with and Sandy, you led the greatest team in town!


Shirley Toler
Windsor Park

Shirley Toler


Our journey began on Saturday, March 10, 2012.  My husband and I had been looking for an “our” home, we married in April 2011, and we were residing in ‘his’ house.  We came across a Regency neighborhood and really liked what we saw.  We stopped in to take a look at the model home in Villages of Riverwood, and met Lisa Ballard, and very quickly I realized this was the floor plan that I loved!  The first time we walked through it I knew this was exactly where we were supposed to be, however, my sweet husband wasn’t so easily convinced, we thanked Lisa for the tour and left.  I’m sure she wrote us off…but myself being quietly persistent we went back to take a second look, Lisa was quite shocked to see us walk through the door, but this time he actually looked through the house and was very pleased, but not quite ready to make a commitment.  Third time was the charm!  Lisa took us down to Cross Creek and showed us 3 lots…as we were talking it over and moving in the direction on making a decision on which one we liked, Lisa said… “let’s go write it up”, my husband looked at her and said do you realize how much money you just cost me today! J 


 We made the drive almost every day from Collierville to Oakland to see what progress had been done that day on our home.  It went from a field of beautiful red clover to the most beautiful home we have ever had.  We documented the journey with many, many pictures. 


Lisa Ballard was so awesome to work with, if we had any questions or concerns, she would help us find the answer for all of our “first time buyers questions” or lead us to the right person that would.  Our builder, Jeff Allen, was terrific!  He did his best to make sure we stayed on time and thanks to the weather co-operating too, we were moving in August 10, 2012, 5 months to the day that we signed the contract with Lisa.  Thank you Regency Homes for our Awesome Experience!


Bill and Kelli Williams – Cross Creek, Oakland TN

Bill and Kelli Williams – Cross Creek, Oakland TN



Dear New Regency Homes,
I recently relocated to Memphis and purchased a home from you in the Laurel Tree subdivision this summer. Having never been to Memphis before, I had no idea about what neighborhoods or homebuilders would be a good selection to choose from. I somehow stumbled across Rosalyn Alexander-Hulbert's contact information, and she immediately got in touch with me to acquaint me with the area and gave some really great insight that helped make my transitioning experience easier. Throughout the process, she constantly kept me updated and was very responsive in working out any bumps in the road along the way. Homebuying in and of itself can be exhaustive, and being that mine involved a relocation and new build, it's amazing how trouble-free it was for the most part. However, looking back, I have to give Rosalyn a ton of credit and many thanks because of how instrumental she was in making my journey a pleasant one.
Best Regards,
Maya Woolfolk

Maya Woolfolk

Regency Homebuilders is an asset to the community by building quality homes. They are always professional , timely and very reliable. I  had an excellent experience with Regency and would recommend them to others.

Michael- Ewing Place


A little over a year ago, my husband was rambling on about wanting a new home and that he was so sick of living downtown. We debated over new versus old and finally realized that we may need to see someone who really knew what we where getting into…Carol Martin at Richland Valley. After learning that our credit prevented from this dream, we were associated with “eCredit”. I trusted Carol and through the process of credit repair and Carol kept in contact with me through the whole process. She knew exactly who to contact, when to contact them, and what needed to be done.
In just four months, we were approved to have our DREAM home built. I can say dream because the entire regency staff from Carol, Lindsey, the Design Center, where amazing to work with and wonderful to provide you with ANSWERS to all your questions. It was almost surreal, the entire experience.
As construction began, John Donati made sure we knew at all times, what was going on in our home. His assistant Alan was also wonderful in helping else through the final walkthroughs and finishing touches of the house.
The whole process made me walk away as an advocate for Regency Homes.  The house is gorgeous and I love my neighborhood. The feeling of owning my home is irreplaceable and unfathomable to contain in word. I am so thankful that Regency Homes made this dream come to fruition for my husband and me!
Duran and Ebony Johnson

Duran and Ebony Johnson

 Hi Regency Homebuilders,
Evander & Tijuna Jones would like to inform you of two employees who made their moving experience an ease. We purchased a home in the Villages of Riverwood (Lot 73)
around the first of September.  Lisa Ballard was our realtor and she was awesome.  She was always professional and informative.  I would highly recommend her to others, because of her  knowledge and great customer service.  Jeff Allen was also great.  He was hilarious, professional, helpful and always there if we had any questions.  Regency should definitely keep these two employees around. I am sure they are truly an asset to the Regency family.
Tijuna Jones

Evander & Tijuna Jones


As a single woman recently engaged, I dreamed of being a home owner. So, after marrying my wonderful husband in December 2011, we began looking for our new home.  Our search started in Cordova, TN looking at older homes. One day while coming home from work, my husband observed the Regency Home Builders sign and stopped by the Cordova homes for a quick check but did not believe these homes were in our price range. After speaking with a representative, he was astonished at the home but not really happy with the prices.

 Over the next weekend, we visited the Regency Homes in Cordova again. While viewing the model, we realized that we loved what Regency had to offer but did not like the location in Cordova so we asked the representative if Regency built homes in other areas. We were ecstatic when we learned of the many numerous locations especially the location in Fayette County. So, we went home and googled Regency Homes to explore its history and view their locations and various models.

During the next weekend, my family traveled to Oakland, Tennessee to view the homes and lots. Before we went into the model home, we drove around the two subdivisions and were overwhelmed with the homes and the peacefulness that we felt.  Upon arriving at the model home in the Villages of River wood, we were greeted by an agent named Lisa Ballard. Ms. Ballard was so gracious, kind, patient, and very attentive to our questions, needs, and desires as potential new home owners. She was very informational regarding Regency Home and sold us on the Fayette County location particularly the model we chose and the price difference was certainly a bonus. In an instant, Lisa whisked us off to the perfect lot location for our new home and we knew that we were on our way to home ownership. With the help of Ms. Ballard, our experience was smooth and easy. She provided consistent communication and updates and everything went exactly as she stated and anytime we felt nervous or unsure of any part of the process, it was Ms. Ballard who was there reassuring us that everything would work out. She contacted us during every phase of the building and rejoiced with us during our walk through. A few glitches at our closing but Ms. Ballard intervened and even communicated with the mortgage company. Because of Ms. Ballard, our journey to home ownership was blessed beyond measure. Now, we live in great community with great neighbors and we have established a wonderful relationship with one of our neighbors and we are so grateful to God for sending such a sweet person as Lisa Ballard who has been a tremendous blessing to so many families and especially mine.


The Cooper Family,

Aaron and Teresa Cooper

Aaron and Teresa Cooper


I am now a proud homeowner!!!!! Thanks to Sandy Thomas!!!! I often say that my home is the "CUTEST" house on the street. I remember the very first time I walked into Rengency- Windsor Park, My then fiance and I fell in love with Sandy from the moment we met her. She was extremely patient with us considering the fact that we were totally new to the buying process. We had met other realtors and viewed other properties that just simply weren't for us.  In fact, we almost gave up on buying a home altogether. Sandy showed us several properties.  Some were still under construction and we were able to see, first-hand- the details that Regency Home Builders' put on every one of the properties we viewed. Their work was consistent and professional.  Prehaps the most exciting part of buying was customizing our home. We met John, our builder, who took the time to answer all of our building related questions.     


Sandy also gave us a detailed explanations of each step along the way. She kept in touch with us and made us feel comfortable about the biggest purchase of our lives. She made buying and closing easy. Her humility, professionalism, and warmness is outstanding. She even took the time to drop in and bring us a house warming gift after we got settled. My husband and I will certainly contact Sandy when we are ready to upgrade. She is not only our Realtor, she is our new friend:-)


Samantha Hunt/ Gardens of Franklin Farms

Samantha Hunt

Regency has changed my life for the better!! Sandy made buying my dream home so easy! She was absolutely awesome! She even helped us come up with some great modifications to house plans that were perfectly suited and customized for my family! I am a newlywed and couldn't dream of starting my new life in a more perfect environment! Regency has the best prices and quality and Sandy is by far the most helpful agent I have ever met.

Troy and Lacey Ledlow



My wife and I had been renting an apartment for two years and decided it was time to own a home.  Being first time home buyers we had no idea what to look for or who to talk to.  One day while riding around looking for open houses we spotted a Regency model home.  We were absolutely blown away with the luxuries that come standard with the homes.  Our agent Sandy Thomas was absolutely great, she showed us a variety of neighborhoods and price points that fit our budget and  guided us every step of the way from qualifying to closing. I recommend Regency and Sandy to anyone in the housing market.


Gardens of Cross Creek,

Flair and Dakarai Turner


Flair and Dakarai Turner

  My husband and I were out riding around looking at housing subdivisions one day and just so happened to run into the one on Holmes Road where Rosalyn Hulbert works.  From the moment we walked in, we knew we would have a great experience with Regency.  Mrs. Rosalyn was so bubbly, warm and inviting.  She made us feel very comfortable and answered all of our questions.  She took us to look at other model homes, gave us pamphlets and brochures and provided us with financial information to get our loan approved.   A week later, we signed a contract and it has been lovely ever since.  I love how Regency has everything laid out step by step so there is no guessing about what comes next.  They are very organized. Laurie in the design center really knows her stuff.   We have also had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Joselyn, she too helped us in deciding which lot would be a best for us to build our home. Regency is great, thank you so much, for a wonderful experience, we are so looking forward to closing on our new home on 1-11-13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faith and Souleymane Kone'

Faith and Souleymane Kone'



My experience with Regency was beyond my expectations!! I felt so confident in all the staff from day one of the building/buying process. Sandy Thomas was such a blessing the whole way through she listened to every question/concern I had and worked quickly to help meet all of my needs. I built such a trust with her and appreciated all she was able to do for me.

Jessica Reed

Jessica Reed


Regency Homes Building Team,

       We very much enjoyed the opportunity to work with Regency Homes staff.  It couldn't have been a better experience from Sandy, the realtor, to John, the builder.  Regency Homes offers first class aspects of a home.  The finished products speaks for itself.

      As you know, building a home can be stressful, and the Regency staff was professional, helpful, and always very prompt in answering questions and our concerns.  We are very blessed to have such a beautiful home.

Thanks again!

Christopher and Toni Leggett, Windsor Park

Christopher and Toni Leggett


We finally closed and were surprised when they handed us the incredible tool

kit with our keys! As well as delighted with the gift basket we found on our

kitchen counter when we made our first stop to visit our new home!

Thanks so much for these!  Regency was the best choice we could've made and

Sandy Thomas was the perfect person to show us how to make this dream come

true!  Wells Fargo (Glenn Lazure and Debbie Metcalf ) were just terrific in

guiding us through the processing and we really appreciate their tenacious

and patient help.  As for John Donati, we can't say enough good things about

him - he was so good to keep everything under his control on schedule and

kept us updated every step of the way!!!

To sum it up:  Regency really has an incredible dream team!!


 After locating to the Memphis area from New Jersey to be closer to family living in Memphis, we decided to look at neighborhoods and possible subdivisions to live in around Memphis. Building a new home wasn't on our radar as empty nesters so we were looking for a resale home that would fit our needs. After suggestions from family and friends, we decided to investigate Fayette County due to low costs and quiet neighborhoods. We drove in the Oakland area on Memorial Day weekend 2011 and during our search we came across a Regency home builder's sub-division and it raised our interest. We met Lisa Ballard, a Regency agent. She greeted us kindly and made us feel very welcome. She showed us a model in Oakland, which was beautiful, but unfortunately was too big for us. Lisa asked a few questions regarding the type of home we were interested in and we explained that we were thinking a single story with limited stairs would be best. Lisa was determined to help us find a home that would satisfy our request and keep us in budget. After reviewing our goals and interests Lisa directed us to a development Regency was building on Houston Levee Road. Lisa met us there to assist in the process but this home didn't match as well. But that didn't stop her. She took keen notes after our conservation and when a new model became available on Houston Levee Road. Lisa met us there to assist in the process but this home didn't match as well. But that didn't stop her. She took keen notes after our conservation and when a new model became available being built in Bartlett she directed us to the address. Upon arrival Lisa showed the home , despite a pouring rain, and after careful consideration and with the assistance of Lisa, we decided to build on that June day. We chose the Springview model which perfectly fit our wants and needs. In July the foundation was poured and we were on our way to a new home. It was the beginning of us building our dream house! On October 26th, 2011 we moved into our beautiful new home in The Villages at Riverwood, Oakland, TN. The Regency building process was a positive experience and all team members were extremely helpful. From our builder Ryan to the design center and the professional staff, we were amazed by the awesome experience we had. They answered all our questions and concerns and us at ease. We can't say enough good things about the process that we are grateful for. We would recommend building a Regency home to anyone who is considering building a new home and recommend using Lisa to find the perfect fit!

"We love our Regency Home!"


Joe & Diane Pede

Joe and Diane Pede


I just wanted to say how happy I am regarding my homebuying experience with Regency. After living
in an apartment for 5 years, I was ready to purchase a home for myself and my daughter. But I was
concerned about the daunting task of finding the right neighborhood and the right house.
There are thousands of realtors and dozens of homebuilders in Memphis, but shortly after finding the
Windsor Park neighborhood and meeting with Sandy, I knew the homebuying experience would not
be a hassle. Immediately, I was impressed with the quality of workmanship displayed by Regency Homebuilders.
Sandy was very professional and put my mind at ease regarding the application process. I was worried
about my ability to be approved since I was a single homebuyer, but she found me several home loan contacts
who could take care of me.
I've been in my home for over a year, and I would recommend Sandy and Regency to anybody looking for
a terrific home and a wonderful homebuying experience.
Jeff Farrell

Jeff Farrell


"My Regency home is my first home, and overall has been a good experience with being a first time home owner.  I've learned many things through the process, and being able to watch the construction process has allowed me to know pretty much everything about my home.  Working with Sandy on my first home as a great experience as well.  She was very patient with me regardless of my million and one questions and was able to get any issues that came up taken care of as well.  Becoming a first time home owner between the age of 28 (contract) and 29 (closing) is a big accomplishment for me and Regency helped me do it."


Eric G.

Eric G.


I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how very much I appreciate all you have done to help us get the model home. It's very complicated, not nearly as easy as going out and getting a house.

The kides are very excited. You really helped Jennifer feel better about where she will be living! And that helps their relationship a lot! You will forever be in my debt... so just know. I am very, very grateful to you. As a MAJOR Jewish mother, I want my kid happy! Too bad they don't know how much work is involved- but that's OK.

Diana Rosenfeld

Brunswick Park 

Diana Rosenfeld

My wife Cindy and I began our new home search in February of 2012. We visited several neighborhoods and builders in the Memphis area and in April, we chose to build a new home in the  Village of White Oak using  Regency Homebuilders.  We worked with Elizabeth Crowe and not only did she help us with great information about lot selection, housing plans, etc… she helped us sell our old home at a great price. Our home was completed and we closed in early October and we love it!  Not only was the process smooth and relatively fast, everyone with whom we worked at Regency from Elizabeth to Mickey the Building guru were nice, friendly and extremely customer focused.
I would recommend Regency to anyone considering building a new home.

Allen and Cindy Burgess

Allen and Cindy Burgess

Dear Mr. Carlson,


In the light of standing in the middle of my new home, I realize what a masterpiece it is. Building a home is complicated. There are hundreds of things going on at once which can cause some trials and tribulations. All of which crescendos to that day that you are sitting in the attorney’s office closing and receiving your keys. Regency does this very well. Regency tries to fit one of their home plans to the person’s tastes and wants. They do this through a fantastic team. There is Elizabeth who is able to multitask through the intricate circumstances, being the focal point for all parties involved. She coordinates and communicates the concerns and wants of Regency’s consumers. Her customer service skills are exemplary. There is Laurie at the design center that brings some substance to a 2D house plan. With her new design center she is able to show the buyer the possibilities available in personalization and individualizing their home. Then there is Mickey whose architectural insight is uncanny. When he sees something that doesn’t look right he lets the buyer know and fixes it. His decision to put the keystone above my front elevation windows and front doorway was genius. His philosophy is to build you a home that he himself would be proud to own and live in. And I can tell you this; he does abide by that philosophy. There are times that there are wrongs that need to be corrected which bring me to you, Sean Carlson, who is not afraid to step out of the background from his desk to right a wrong in a build, which by the way is very rare in a Regency build. Your building acumen is apparent especially in green building techniques. I would have no problem in recommending Regency as a builder. They make it look easy but I know it isn’t when you are building your dream home.



Dr. Victor Ho


From my new Arlington Home


Dr. Victor Ho


I cannot believe that I could qualify for a new Regency home and Carol Martin helped me get my dream home on the Lake in Richland Valley! Thanks a lot Carol, you are my angel!

Dinah Aguirre

Dinah Aguirre


The dream of owning a home has finally came true for my family and I. Never would I have imagined that our first home will be a 5 bedroom with 4 baths and a huge backyard. Thankful for what God has bestowed upon us and for putting Rosalyn in our life. She isn't just our realtor but also our friend, more like family. She helped make the stress of home buying much easier. As far as our home, we're exceptionally thrilled and loving every bit of it. Regency makes beautiful homes and I'm glad that I have one.  


Precious Harper

We can't say enough good things about our Regency Home.  It has been our dream come true. Working with everyone at Regency has been very rewarding.  Sandy Thomas, our realtor worked with us for months before we decided on our house and neighborhood.  The main thing I can say about Sandy is she started out our realtor, she is now our friend.


Jackie and John

Jackie and John

 Dear Proprietors of Regency Homebuilders, LLC:

As we near the completion of this home I would like to take this time to acknowledge what an amazing experience this process has been so far for both Mark and I. We acknowledge that we chose a quality builder coupled with the best mortgage group and associated staff in this endeavor. Regarding construction, I have been visiting the build site daily and am amazed by the efficiency and quality of the work and efforts afforded in the construction of this home. This process can only be completed with expert builders who are knowledgeable, conscientious and driven in producing quality homes at competitive market prices. This winning combination is hallmarked by the continued success of your company.

As for your support staff associated with this process I cannot acknowledge enough what a sound and professional group we have had the pleasure in working with. Both Lisa Ballard and Laurie Martini have been both professional and endearing in answering our multiple inquiries. They provide an atmosphere for the homebuyer that is both welcoming and constructive. Their quality service makes a positive and lasting impression that reflects on your leadership. As for Mortgage Investors Group, John Brawner and his staff have provided a professional atmosphere that makes the home buying process easier and more conducive in maintaining client satisfaction.

All these factors weigh equally in the home building process and must be synchronized in order to generate and maintain quality service to the homebuyer. I truly believe that the aforementioned combination of team players has been achieved by Regency Homebuilders, LLC and I congratulate you for the quality service provided and in your continued success in today's home buying market. I will highly recommend your company to anyone of whom I know is entering the home buying experience.

Pursuant to the final completion of our home, I want to thank and acknowledge Regency Homebuilders, LLC and staff for the quality service and quality home being generated.


Dr. Richard Medina

Future Regency Homebuilder, LLC Home Owner 

Dr. Richard Medina

 We just moved to a new Regency home in Cordova. The experience with Regency has been positive and we are grateful for the services and support that we were provided by all the people involved in this process, especially Sandy Thomas (The Realtor). Sandy is very professional, timely and very reliable; moreover she is true and honest advisor never over committed and always took stand with us. Her humility and warmness is outstanding, a lovely lady. We also want to thanks John Donati and Allen (The builders) they were so good to keep everything under control, on time and kept us updated in every step during the construction. John was always very clear and never over committed. Over all our experience with Regency is great.

Dr. Siddiqi (Fountain Brook)

Siddiqi- Fountain Brook


I had the most positive and wonderful experience working with Sandy Thomas. She worked alongside me, knowing that what Regency was building for me is not simply a house, but my dream. I especially appreciate the unexpected bonus of a lasting friendship with Sandy.  I continue to rely on Sandy for advice and support regarding my home and possibly another new Regency home in the future. I will always remember the day I received my keys to my brand new home.  I opened the door and tears of joy fell from my eyes.  I kicked off my shoes and ran throughout MY new home. Thank You Sandy and Regency for making my dream come true!!!



Sharonda- Windsor Park

Sharonda- Windsor Park


Sandy Thomas and Regency Homebuilders are truly the best I have ever worked with!

Sandy found the location the perfect plan and I couldn't be happier!!  Just when I was ready to give up, I met Sandy and from the first step she showed me all the way without the stress and hassles.  The most smooth transaction anyone could hope for in home buying!!

Thanks to Regency and Sandy Thomas!!

I can honestly Highly recommend their services, Outstanding !! and I love my house!!!



Rhonda Harpster

Rhonda Harpster


I would like to take a moment and tell you about my experience with Regency Homes.


I purchased my new home on Dec 22nd 2011, and it was one of the BEST experiences of my life.

In the summer of 2011 my rent was increasing (again) at my apartment in Cordova, and I was unhappy with what I was paying for. So I decided to look at options including used and new homes. What I was finding is that 20 year old homes were just as expensive as a new home, and I would have to spend additional money to updateL.

I looked at homes all over Fayette County and happen to drive thru the Riverwood subdivision in Oakland, what I saw were new homes going up that were exactly what I was looking for. So I stopped in to talk to you about the purchase of a home and pricing. To my surprise not only were the homes quality built they were affordable (cheaper than my apt by $100 a month!!).

I thought it over and came back to sign and the rest is history!

I LOVE my house!!! It has been such a great experience to have a home built by Regency, I still LOVE driving up to my home everyday knowing I made a great decision selecting Regency and Leader. I look forward to many memories in my new Regency home.



Kenneth Welty 

Kenneth Welty

 My husband and I recently bought our Regency home in Hunter's Walk. We are enjoying learning about our new home. We would like to thank everyone in the offices for making our transition easy and for helping us with decisions.

We especially want to thank Jocelyn for quickly getting answers to our questions, for her patience and for her friendly attitude.


Carla Anderson

The Andersons

 I just wanted to say how happy I am with my home building experience with Rosalyn Alexander-Hulbert and Regency Homes.  This was the best choice I could have ever made. I have recommended Regency and Rosalyn to all of my family, friends and co-workers.   

Rosalyn was very professional and helpful throughout my entire home building process.  Thank you so much for helping make my dream of owning a home come true.

Less than a year ago I closed on my new home and I have been enjoying every minute of it.  My house is gorgeous and I love my neighborhood.  Thanks again.


Sonya Kinnard


Laurel Tree

Sonya Kinnard

 The first time we walked into your office we really were not serious and in fact skeptical about going through a builder for our first home. However all that changed after our first meeting because of your warm and welcoming personality. You have always been so patient and receptive to our needs and concerns. We owe a large part of our wonderful home buying experience to you and would like to thank you for your role in making our dream possible.


Franklin Farms


Grayatri- Franklin Farms

March 17,2009,

My husband and I closed on a Regency home a little over a month ago and we have been meaning to write this letter for a while now. We wanted to let you know how our experience was with Regency through the homebuilding process.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a rare experience these days that you run into people who actually care about how well they do their job. As crazy as it is, Chad and I ran into not one, but two such people with Regency, and we wanted to tell you about them.

Firstly, Elizabeth rose above and beyond our expectations. EVERY dealing we had with her was superb. In making a quick move from another state with very little time to "shop" for a real estate agent, sadly, we were set up with one that was less than competent. I would say that Elizabeth made up for that for us. She did the work for both agents, and not only did she do it and do it well, somehow she made us feel like it was never a bother. She was alway accessible, quick and efficient. She constantly gave us the impression that every little thing that we might be worried about or stressed about was of the uppermost importance to her. We know that outside of employment, everybody has their own lives and responsibilities: but with Elizabeth, we would have never know-we always felt--if it was important to us, it was important to her. We feel like we owe her so much and we will never be able to adequately express our appreciation to her.

Secondly, we were fortunate enough to work with Mickey. One of Mickey's characteristics that impressed us most was probably his patience. I would figure that in his line of work, he would need a great deal of patience; but by the 30th time we called him for a situation that might seem less than important, he amazed us with his consistent, patience and attention. The amount of times where Mickey went out of his way to help us get our house "perfect" are too numerous to mention. There were several situations of attention that were definitely out of his realm of duty, but yet, like all other times, he continued to efficiently problem solved to make our home the best that it could be for us. We feel like we "hit the jackpot" with Mickey.

There were a few negative experiences that we did encounter with the building of our home, but because of the positive experiences we had with Elizabeth and Mickey, we will/would definitely recommend Regency as a homebuilder to anyone. As we continue to find and work out little kinks in the house here and there, being able to trust Regency and knowing that we will continue to be taken care of gives us great peace of mind. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.


Chad and Lynn Whipple

Chad and Lynn- Maple Grove

Hey Elizabeth,
"My wife and I were ready to get out of the area of Memphis however we were unable to move out of state due to the illness of my wife's mother. My wife and I discussed and looked into many builders and their house plans. Luckily, Elizabeth Pinckernell brought us to Regency Homebuilders and introduced us to builders that build homes not just houses. Being new home buyers, budget plays a very important roll in decision making. With the price range we were looking for as well as the standard up grades that only Regency offers we fell in love. Being in the tough economic times that we are now in Regency treated us very well. Regency treated us like family. Elizabeth was the best realtor ever and always kept the lines of communication open. The builder Sean has a comforting phrase he says often which is 'no worries' and because of him and Regency builders we have no worries. Thank you so much Regency! Richard and Lindsey "
Richard - White Oak

To Whom this Concerns:


    In August 2008, my husband Mark and I purchased a home from Regency Home Builders. We were very pleased with the quality of the home and how easy the process was for building a home from scratch. We looked for a home over the course of a year and found that Regency provided so many additional amenities as standard while other builders did not. We also liked the ability to customize the floor plan to our needs which made the home our own.

    My husband and I have lived in our home for over a year now and have loved it!

We would highly recommend Regency to anyone.



Villages at White Oak

Mark and Shelly

Hi..Thank you so much for Stopping by on Monday it meant a lot for my husband and me, and really made a good impression; it was good to know that those things are "normal"...even though for me are kind of weird. (since I'm not used to) Anyway, thanks again, is good to know that you give great importance to the customer and the houses your company make. As you said, We look forward to work with you, and of course try and get the bathtub and cracks fixed!!! Gracias!!!
Dexter Ridge

Sharon and I would like to express our thanks to you and your staff for building our new home in the Maple Grove Subdivision. We love our new home, its just right for us. This is our true blessing from God. And a building experience that will last us a life time. You and your staff was always caring and professional from the very first day until the last day. I will highly recommend your company to everyone looking for a Home. Truly Yours, Melvin and Sharon

Melvin & Sharon

 The people at Regency were professional and responsive to my questions and concerns.  Their workers were unfailingly polite and hard-working.  Overall, my experience was a good one.  Thank you!

Lisa- Franklin Farms

Sean and the staff were surprisingly available for question. You guys did make us feel as though you genuinely wanted the house buying experience to be as pleasurable as possible. Mickey was extremely nice and reassuring. When we wanted to do a few different things in the beginning i was surprised at how accommodating, willing, and easy it was to get them done. thanks.

Jason-The Villages at White Oaks

 Just want to say our builder Ryan was very helpful attentive. He always answered all of our phone calls and always answered all of our questions. He was a pleasure to work with and took all the stress out of building our Regency home. I would highly recommend Regency Builders and already have.

Keith- Villages of Riverwood

We loved working with Mickey.  He went above and beyond for us and we LOVE our new home.  Thank you so much!

Corey & Kelly- Hayes Crossing

 This was our first house. John guided us all the way thru the process. He was always very clear about what can be done and what is out of scope. Never over committed and always kept in mind what we were looking for. I would say he is not a builder, HE IS AN ARTIST with perfection in every stroke.

Syed- Gray Hollow

Jeff was extremely professional and courteous.  He made the whole process exciting and pleasant. He is a great asset to your company.

Monique- Richland Valley

 Had a great experience woking with Jeannie. She made several stressful situations seem not so stressful.

Sonya- Laurel Tree

  Dear Proprietors of Regency Home builders, LLC:

On June 30, 2010 I purchased my first home from Regency Home builders. I had spent several weeks and months looking into buying a home with a buyer’s agent. Then one day I walked in into a Regency model home and I was sold the minute I walked into the door. I was very pleased with the quality of the home they built and amenities featured in their homes are excellent.  During my one year warranty they provided me with excellent services. Kristen provided me an excellent service with the warranty fixes and all my fixes were taking care in excellent timely matter. Regency Home builders is an asset to the community by building quality homes. They are always professional, timely and very reliable. I had an excellent experience and I am hoping to build my second home with Regency and would recommend them to friend’s family member’s coworkers and others.
Oaklawn Estates

Mike- Oaklawn Estates

 My husband and I just moved to a new Regency home in Cordova. We want to let you know how happy we are with the house. 

We are grateful for the service and support that we were given by all the people involved in the building process, specially we want to point out the invaluable help from Elizabeth who listened carefully to our needs from the beginning and leaded us to make right decisions on choosing our community, model and even small, but important building details. She also helped us to understand and make all the paperwork to be easier.

We also want to thank John because he answered all our questions before and during the construction of our house. He kept us up to date about the advances of the construction.

The experience with Regency has been positive, and the fact that they continue responding to all our inquiries give us a peace of mind.

Carlos and Ana

 We wanted to take a moment and say a heartfelt "Thank you" to all the staff and team at Regency Homebuilders.

Upon relocation to the Memphis area to be closer to some of our family, we pondered several options including building a new home. We were provided Regency's name and after visiting several of the subdivisions, we visited a Regency site (Oakland) and decided that was it. From there each step of the way, someone from Regency helped us make decisions. The home is beautiful and we are very pleased.

Thank you to all who helped us make a house a home. All the professionalism of all of your staff is awesome.

Joe and Diane- Oakland

Dear Regency Homes Staff and Builders,

Thanks a lot for my beautiful house. I really like it. I really appreciate the timely response and solutions to the minor problems that I encounter with the use of the new appliances. God Bless!!


Dinah- Richland Valley


To whom it may concern,

First I would like to say that it has been a pleasure for both myself and my husband working with Mrs. Rosalyn Alexander Hulbert  during this process to help  us find the perfect lot and the plan of our  new home. She was very knowledgeable about the different plans of homes and lots that we had to choose from. What they would offfer  our family for our specific needs. Everything  was handled in a timley  manor for us, she also informed us to feel free to come by and look at the Regency model home  anytime that we wanted to. She made us feel like family and not just a quick sale. She was very patient and took time to answer questions. Always very professional. She also kept in contact with us either they e-mail or would leave a message on our phone if she needed to reach either of us with some updates with  the status on the building of our home New Regency home. 

Mr. Odes & Mrs. Vernia Short

Mr. Odes & Mrs. Vernia Short


We are the the Newman's that purchased a home in the Fountain Brook subdivision. That was the best decision we made. We were nervous to build a home because of all the horror stories. But it was something about everyone that work with Regency Homes that made me trust them. When we 1st started talking with the builders I had no idea what I wanted but was able to describe what I would like. When I looked at the blueprint I almost cried because they were on point with what we wanted. Our home is so beautiful and my husband said it was what we always wanted. Kristen has been so patient because I can be a little strong willed at times. Alan is so patient and still answer my questions months later he's never short with me. I just love our home quality workmanship and quality materials. I am very hard to please so if they shut me up they are good. Thanks Regency for building our retirement home!!!!!!!


Lady Dee

Mr. and Mrs. Newman